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January 2019


Low Inventory Notifications: Keeping track of inventory is only one of the many responsibilities of tattoo shop business owners. When handling your day to day business needs, it may slip your mind to check your inventory stock every single day. With TattooPro you can set low inventory alerts. Under your TattooPro.io inventory management settings, you can set a specific quantity and you will be alerted when any product hits that level. This reminds you to put in a purchase order before you run out.

Inventory Reports: Keeping accurate tabs on your tattoo shop product inventory is essential to maximize profit margins. Having too much inventory sitting in stock can cause a loss in profits due to expired products, and running out of inventory limits the number of sales you can possibly make. With our technology, TattooPro can accurately keep tabs on the amount of inventory you have on hand. With our very friendly user interface, TattooPro.io makes keeping track of product quantities a problem no longer! "How To" article.

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