Tattoo Shop Point of Sale

Cloud-based point of sale for Tattoo Studios and Piercing Shops.


Tattoo Shop Point of Sale Features

Works on the Cloud and iOS


One Click Invoicing

Click on any appointment and easily convert it to an invoice. Press accept payment, swipe credit card and collect a digital tip and signature on your iPad-SignPad.


SmartTips - Tablets & iPads

Digital tipping has proven to increase revenue by as much as $10,000 per year per artist. Tips can be configured as a % or flat $ amount. A subtle tip request increases sales and provides additional income for your artists. Well deserved!


Service Pricing & Menus

Standardize your pricing menu with set rates for various types of services. Create itemized invoices based on services or products received by your clients.


Deposits & Installment Billing

Take partial payments on an invoice or simply accept booking deposits to hold an appointment. Setup installment plans with automated recurring billing with a credit card or client checking account on file.


Digital Signatures - Tablets & iPads

Elegantly and seamlessly capture signatures from clients. After checking out an appointment or invoice on your computer, press accept payment and your wirelessly paired iPad or tablet will light up to collect tips and signatures.


E-mail & Text Receipts

Forget printing off toxic receipt paper each time you checkout a customer. All receipts can be emailed or texted to your client. Email addresses automatically show up based on the customer profile you're checking out.

Tablet and iPad Tip & Signature Capture

Connect an iPad to your computer with our patent pending, wireless signature and tip technology. Collect tips and signatures digitally on the iPad all while controlling your tattoo invoicing and orders from your computer. Now you can have the productivity of a computer while still providing the elegance of an iPad for signatures and tips.


Seamless Credit Card Processing

Point of sale software that lets effortlessly checkout customers by credit card, debit card, check or cash. Use our low cost credit card processing or connect your own merchant account. Connect accessories including a cash drawer, receipt printer or bar code scanner to keep your business organized and accounted for.

Connect Multiple Registers iPad & Tablet Tips Touch Screen Signatures Custom Register Close Reports Deposits & Account Receivable Tracking

Service Menus and Retail Products

Create a service menu with pre-set times and pricing. Set tax rates, and artist commissions for each service. Add retail products for sale and keep track of stock.

tattoo studio checkout tools
Itemized Invoices eMail & Text Receipts Quick Service & Product Lookup Tax Calculations Inventory Management Low Stock Alerts

24 X 7 Security and Access

Ensure your business runs smoothly and without interruption. Your TattooPro data is in good hands. Our fully encrypted, bank level security system provides complete protection over your most sensitive and valuable asset; your information. All data is backed-up nightly and is PCI secured.


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Why does TattooPro still have the best tattoo POS system around?

tattoo studio checkout tools
Packed with important features like seamless payment, bill management, receipt generation, alerts and notifications, TattooPro stands out with its one-click invoicing feature.

Just 3 easy steps!


Click on any appointment and easily convert it to an invoice.


Press accept payment.


Swipe the credit card to collect digital tips and signatures on your iPad-SignPad.

Why use TattooPro POS?


Convenience of not switching to different hardware, as TattooPro is compatible with all major devices, operating systems, and browsers.


Simplicity of plugging-and-playing with the POS software without needing a lot of tricky configuration settings.


Security and comfort of the cloud, as you can access your data from anywhere in the world, without depending on a specific hardware, manufacturer, or operating system.

FAQs on Tattoo Studio POS System

Why should I use POS software for my tattoo shop?

By bringing all the different moving elements (payment methods, security, various devices to manage, receipts management, invoice procedure, and a lot more) under one umbrella, a POS software takes care of all the POS-related activities. That way, you get more time to spend on taking care of your business, or working with your artists, or just chilling!

What can a tattoo studio POS do?

A POS software is a delight to your clients and artists, organize your payment procedures, and scale your business. Being as easy as plug-and-play, a tattoo studio POS saves you a lot of time that would’ve otherwise gone into looking after each activity manually -- you can use that saved time for more important tasks!

What payment methods are supported by the tattoo shop POS?

Point of sale software that lets effortlessly checkout customers by credit card, debit card, check or cash. Use our low cost credit card processing or connect your own merchant account. Connect accessories including a cash drawer, receipt printer or barcode scanner to keep your business organized and accounted for.

Okay, great! Tell me 3 good reasons for using a tattoo shop POS system to accept payments.

Yes. With, you get to create digital forms. You can digitally capture consent and liability signature using any iPad or Tablet device. Simply obtain consent and provide your clients with a way to easily sign on an electronic device at your shop. You can either create custom digital forms or modify from our existing forms!

  • Improve business cash flow: Accepting payments electronically has shown to reduce the time it takes to get paid. Further, given the convenience of POS software, it is clear how the entire payment cycle is simplified tremendously, leading to improved cash flow.
  • Increase customer satisfaction: Allow customers to submit their payment online rather than mailing a check. POS Software makes it easier for your customers to pay - by offering them various means and methods of payment - thereby ensuring they’re satisfied at all costs!
  • Keep your business organized: Receive alerts when customers open their e-invoice emails and whenever an invoice is paid or overdue. Everything related to billing, invoicing, and payments is in one place for you to access, so that you don’t miss out on any important information!

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