Tattoo Shop Scheduling Software

Cloud based appointment scheduling for Tattoo Studios and Piercing Shops.

Tattoo Shop Scheduling Software Features
Schedule tattoo and piercing sessions over the phone or let customers book online 24X7.

Automated Text Reminders

Create automatic text reminders to go out to clients the night before their session. Reduce no-shows and late arrivals with a friendly reminder for their appointment. Responses go automatically into your real-time TattooPro Inbox.

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Artist Scheduling

Choose whether to provide artists with login access to see their schedule or limit access to only managers with one large screen with your company's schedule for the day.

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Skill Based Scheduling

Have certain tattoo artists that, or some that only want to work on male or females? With skill based scheduling your front desk staff can never make a mistake when scheduling or recommending artists to your prospective clients.

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Online Appointment Scheduling

Add online scheduling to your website. Simply plugin our website booking widget and your clients will be able to schedule tattoo sessions 24X7. Receive an alert whenever someone books online.

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No-show & Late Cancellation Charges

Your time is valuable. Late cancellations and no-shows are unfair to your shop and your artists. With card on file and stored billing info, you can easily bill cancellation fees and recoup some of your lost time.

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Custom Booking Labels

Take control of your own schedule and your staffs. Choose your hours of operations, and various service times to truly optimize your work day. Check clients in and out right from your appointments page.

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A Cloud Based Appointment Application

Access your company schedules and calendar from anywhere. Simply open a browser and go to your TattooPro account. See where you are trending for the year, month or week, and assess the health of your business. See all recent appointments at a glance. Want to take a day off but still know how the shop did? No problem, access your system screen anywhere there is a laptop and wifi.

Skill Based Scheduling • Automated Customer Communication • 100% Cloud Based • Custom Booking Labels • No-show & Late cancellation Billing

Online Tattoo Session Scheduling

Free you and your staff up with online session booking. Take appointments even when your shop is closed. Over 50% of customers are want to be able to schedule consultaitons and appointents online 24X7 or by text message.

Screenshot of actual calendar view page.

Automated Text Reminders for
Consultations and Sessions

Just like having a full time assistant, TatooPro automatically sends SMS and email reminders to clients the night before their consultaitons session. Customize a quick text or email to fit your business's personality and suit your target market and audience.

Custom Calendar Increments and Slot Durations • Block Out Calendar Slots • Customize Booking Labels

24 X 7 Secure Access

Ensure your business runs smoothly and without interruption. Your TattooPro data is in good hands. Our fully encrypted, bank level security system provides complete protection over your most sensitive and valuable asset; your information. All data is backed-up nightly and is PCI secured.


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