Tattoo Scheduling Software

Cloud-based tattoo appointment software for Tattoo Studios and Piercing Shops.


Tattoo Shop Scheduling Software Features

Eliminate the friction involved in booking sessions using our Tattoo Scheduling Software, and schedule tattoo and piercing sessions over the phone, or let customers book online 24X7.

Automated Text Reminders

Set automated reminders to go out to clients a night before their session. By doing so, you reduce the no-shows and late arrivals. Your clients’ responses automatically go into your real-time TattooPro inbox.

Controlled Visibility

Provide artists with credentials to see their schedule, or limit this only to managers with one dashboard for your company's schedule for the day.

Skill-Based Scheduling

Assign clients to artists based on their skills and interests. Have certain artists willing to work only on certain styles? Use this feature to make sure their demand is met. With skill-based scheduling, your front desk staff can never make a mistake when scheduling or recommending artists to your prospective clients.

Online Appointment Scheduling

Add a booking widget to your online platform by simply plugging in our widget code. Your clients will then be able to schedule tattoo and piercing sessions 24X7. Receive an alert whenever someone books online.

No-show & Late Cancellation Charges

Your time and art are valuable. Late cancellations or no-shows are not fair to your studio or your artists. Bill cancellation fees and recoup some of your last time using card on file and stored billing info.

Custom Booking Labels

Take control of your and your staff’s schedule. Choose your hours of operations, service times, and unavailability slots to optimize your workday. Check clients in and out right from your appointments page.


A Tattoo Shop Scheduling Software That Is Cloud-Based, Secure, and Fast

TattooPro is cloud-based, which means you get to access your company schedules and calendar from anywhere. All you need to do is open your browser and visit your TattooPro account. Analyze your studio on different parameters - like where you are trending for the year, month, or week - and assess the health of your business. See all recent appointments at a glance at the best tattoo scheduling software ever made! Want to take a day off but stay updated about the activities at the studio? No problem, access your system screen from anywhere, at any time!

Skill Based Scheduling Automated Customer Communication 100% Cloud Based Custom Booking Labels No-show & Late Cancellation Billing

Online Tattoo Shop Scheduling

Free up your staff with online session booking. Take appointments even when your shop is closed. Don’t keep your customers waiting, even if your shop isn’t operating -- allow them to book sessions 24x7!

Screenshot of actual calendar view page.

Automated Text Reminders for Consultations and Sessions

TattooPro is like your full time assistant for your tattoo shop - sending SMS and email reminders to clients the night before their consultation sessions. Customize a quick text or email that fits your business’ personality.

tattoo studio reminders
Custom Calendar Increments and Slot Durations Block Out Calendar Slots Customize Booking Labels

24 X 7 Secure Access

Ensure your business runs smoothly and without interruption. Have access to your data all the time, and since it is encrypted, it is just for you to see! All of the data is backed-up and PCI secured.


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Benefits of a Tattoo Scheduling Software

Simplify client booking, artist management, and generate more leads using our Tattoo Scheduling Software -- TattooPro, a cloud-based tool to simplify your tattoo studio management woes. With TattooPro, you get a comprehensive dashboard that informs you about all the happenings of your studio. You can assign clients to artists based on specific interests or expertise, and send reminders to the clients to ensure fewer no-shows / late cancellations.

You enjoy a bird’s-eye view of your studio, while your artists enjoy doing what they do best, and your clients are satisfied -- it’s really a win-win for all!

With TattooPro, you get:


Comprehensive overview of all the studio activities


Fewer no-shows / late cancellations using automated reminders


Skill-based scheduling for your artists


POS-integrated services to streamline and smoothen invoicing


A booking widget for your website, i.e., more clients


Happier, more satisfied clients


A personal assistant for your studio -- any time, any where!

How A Tattoo Scheduling Software Makes Life Easier for US Studio Owners

By taking care of most of the heavyweight, tiresome, yet important work, TattooPro gives you peace of mind and lots of time to work on other important stuff -- like training artists, marketing your studio, generating more leads, and the likes.

For US Tattoo Studio owners, a tattoo scheduling software acts as a gem by allowing them to seamlessly manage any barrage of clients that hits them. The software also allows you to add a booking widget to your website - so that your clients never have a problem reaching out to you and your studio artists!

The cloud-based tattoo appointment software ensures that you are up to date with everything that happens in and out of your studio -- that too, without any hassles. You have all the information, comprehensively and intuitively displayed, on a single dashboard. Even on your days off, you can be a part of your studio without any difficulty.


Get everyone at your shop on the same page with instant Google Calendar integration.

Do you and your staff use google calendar to view, create and manage schedules!? With bi-directional 2-way calendar sync, your staff can view and add new appointments all on their existing gcal account. Appointments created in gcal show up in TattooPro and vice versa. Artist’s can manage their calendars from their phone, personal laptop or tablet, and that will automatically sync with your company’s official TattooPro calendar. Customers also get synced automatically by email address.


World wide time zone support

Traveling? Working as a guest artist in a different part of the globe? No worries, the TattooPro calendar syncs based on the time zone you’re in, not just the time zone your shop happens to be in. All users see the time based on their location so you West coast artists don't show up to a East coast session 3 hours late.

With Tattoopro, you can:

Get enhanced
visibility into your

Manage artists, assign
clients in a better way

Allow clients to schedule
visits from your website

more leads

How Does a Tattoo Appointment Software Work?

You don't have to guess

You can check out the demo!

Eliminate the friction involved in booking sessions using our tattoo appointment software, and schedule tattoo and piercing sessions over the phone, or let customers book online 24X7.

TattooPro works on the following core features:


Seamless customer management

TattooPro offers you a comprehensive dashboard with one-view details of all the transactions and communications with each client so far. Each and every touchpoint between your studio and the customers is automatically logged into your activity feed. The best part -- since it’s all cloud-based, you can access this dashboard from anywhere!


Automated texts and reminders

With TattooPro, you can schedule automatic messages and reminders for your clients to ensure fewer late cancellations or no-shows. You can also choose to charge some fees in case of no-shows, thereby providing justice to your artists. TattooPro offers you a corporate SMS line which allows anyone on your team to easily text back and forth with potential as well as existing clients.


Simplified POS services

Improved point of sale related services come in-built with TattooPro. No more paper and clutter; use tablet-based signatures, digital tip collection, and email receipts -- all from a click of the button. Check out our SignPad and point of sale hardware for more details on this!


Reviews capturing and online reputation building

With TattooPro, you can simply and automatically generate clients reviews after each sale. You can also discretely handle negative reviews with our “direct-to-owner” messaging. You can also post reviews to social media, search engines, and your website to build your studio’s online reputation.


Comprehensive analytics and intuitive reporting

Dozens of pre-built, easy to understand, and intuitive reports to manage your studio’s operations. Get insights on various trends of your studio, including staff performance and profitability. Identify customers and slice and dice by profitably across services and techs to uncover opportunity and manage performance.


Client appointment scheduling

With, you get complete control of your and your staff’s schedule. Choose your hours of operations, and other time slots to truly optimize your workday. Assign clients to artists based on their skills and interest, and ensure more than satisfactory client service!

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Some questions you might have...

How does this software simplify tattoo consultations?

The consultation is a scheduled time for your client to talk to your artist about their requirements . They might also discuss other things like pricing, placement of the tattoo, and other things during this session.

Therefore, it is an important session and should be dealt with properly.

Using TattooPro, you make it easier for your clients to reach you -- not only by providing efficient service, but also by adding widgets on your website for quick consultation booking!

What should I look for in a tattoo scheduling software?

The answer to that solely depends on your expectations from the software you’re using. But broadly speaking, to efficiently manage your tattoo studio while allowing you to work smoothly, your tattoo scheduling software should have the following core features:

  • Client and appointment management
  • SMS alerts and notifications to the client
  • POS services to simplify invoicing and related activities
  • Reviews collection and online reputation building
  • Analytics and reporting of the activities
  • A comprehensive dashboard for you to find anything
  • 24x7 secure access

Can I get a demo of TattooPro before I purchase it?

Definitely. You can check out a demo of our software here, right away!

How is this different from other tattoo appointment booking software?

This integrates seamlessly with your entire online presence - from website to social media platforms to build reputation and gather more leads.