The best tattoo studio software to get rid of your management woes.

TattooPro is simple, feature-rich, cloud-based, automated, and manages most of your daily, mundane tasks -- so that you can spend more time on your art!

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Eliminate the friction involved in booking sessions using our Tattoo Studio Software, and schedule tattoo and piercing sessions over the phone, or let customers book online 24X7

Tattoo Studio Software Features

Developed by industry leaders, for tattoo shops and artists. With our tattoo studio software, you get the following seamless features:

Customer Management

With our software, you get a comprehensive history of all the transactions and communications with each customer. All the touchpoints with customers are automatically logged into the activity feed. Best of all - it’s all cloud-based!

SMS Messaging

Automatically text reminders to clients via SMS to ensure fewer no-shows and limit late arrivals to the minimum. Also get a corporate SMS line, and allow anyone on your team to easily text back and forth with new and existing clients.

Point of Sale

Improved point of sale and payments comes in-built with Forget the paper and clutter: tablet-based signatures, digital tip collection, and email receipts all from a click of the button. Check out our SignPad and point of sale hardware.

Reviews & Online Reputation

Automatically generate customers reviews after every sale. Discretely handle negative reviews with our “direct-to-owner” messaging and seamlessly post positive reviews to social media, search engines, and your website to enhance your online presence.

Analytics & Reporting

Dozens of pre-built reports to manage your company. Identify trends, staff performance, and profitability. Identify customers and slice and dice by profitably across services and techs to uncover opportunity and manage performance.

Appointment Management

With, you get complete control of your and your staff’s schedule. Choose your hours of operations, and various service times to truly optimize your work day. Check clients in and out right from your appointments page.

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5 Star Reviews on Capterra!

Dashboard: 360 business overview for your tattoo shop

See where you are trending for the year, month or week, and assess the health of your business. See all recent transactions at a glance. Want to take a day off but still know how your business did? No problem, access this screen using a laptop and wifi.

History Communication Activity Stream Notes Emails and Phone Calls Social Media Profiles

Appointment & Client Scheduling offers a method to eliminate the madness of running a tattoo studio. With our tattoo studio software, you get to schedule appointments by artist or chair or BOTH! Track work and earnings by artist in nicely tabulated reports daily, weekly, or monthly.

tattoo studio appointment
Monthly, Weekly & Daily Views

POS Checkout Tools

Send online invoices, accept deposits on site or online, or checkout a completed session - all from our dashboard, from a single screen!

tattoo studio checkout tools
Itemized Checkout Email/Text Receipts Staff Commissions iPad Signatures & Tips Digital Consent Forms Inventory Tracking Gift Cards


Run campaigns and automatically calculate their overall impact for your business. Request reviews from your clients and ensure the highest level of satisfaction from every visit. Post these reviews on your social media platforms to increase traffic to your site for free. It's a no brainer.

tattoo studio software marketing
Word Of Mouth - Review Solicitation Social Media Website Postings Online Deals MailChimp Email Marketing Google Places & Yelp Reviews

Reputation Monitoring

TattooPro ensures that your store will build rep over time. Connect your social accounts and watch our intelligent software accumulate the dopest reviews from your most-loved customers! It integrates with review sites as well.

Online Reputation Management Social Media Integration Review Sites & Ratings Email Alerts

24 X 7 Secure Access

On vacation and want to see how your shop is doing? Everything is 100% cloud-based and accessible by just logging in to Your staff won't even know you're gone :)


Take this tattoo shop software for a spin!

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Why use a Tattoo Studio Software?

Without a doubt, your artists have spent a lot of time and effort honing this skill. It is only fair that during work, they can focus on what is more important to them.

For tattoo studio owners like yourself, successfully managing and operating the business comes with many daily hassles. You are serving customers as well as managing your team of artists, scheduling appointments, maintaining a track of deposits from clinets, and the list is endless.

Taking care of all of this - keeping your artists happy, the quality of work top-notch, and yourself sane, is quite a complex task. That is where a tattoo studio software can come in handy.

Simply put, the tattoo shop software allows you to:

Provide an exceptional customer experience

Save time and simplify the processes

Reduce no-shows and keep customers engaged

Gauge the performance of your tattoo artists

Know the status of your studio any time, from anywhere

Allow your customers to book sessions anytime

How a Tattoo Studio Software Helps Studio Owners in the North America

Delivering all-around quality is a must when it comes to tattooing. Between booking customers, following up, buying supplies and building your customer base, there are many reasons why artists operate less-efficiently than they should.

With the click of a button, you are able to see artists' current, real-time availability, choose an appointment time and keep your client and artist updated along the way.

Once booked, calendars across all platforms are updated, and everything can be synced with third-party calendars such as Google, Microsoft Exchange, Apple, Office 365, and Outlook. This not only eliminates the risk of over- or double-booking one or more artists, it also results in fewer no-show appointments and eliminates the risk of artists or staff incorrectly entering information. The ability to send automated, personalized reminders and notifications is extremely handy!


Software that efficiently manages your studio

Schedule appointments, assign clients to artists, send reminders, and more - all from a single cloud-based platform. Seamlessly handle your studio operations even from afar. Whether you need to schedule appointments, manage CRM, or tackle POS-related operations, our platform has got it all under one place. So, you get to stay informed about your tattoo studiom -- any time, any place!


Get more customers with marketing and advertising

The software is easily integrated with other components of your business -- including marketing. Connect your TattooPro with MailChimp and add clients directly to your list. What’s more, our platform helps you effortlessly market your studio, including reputation building on Yelp, Google and other social media platforms and search engines. Automagically spread the good word for free while not compromising on customer satisfaction OR your efficiency! A win win!


Make the checkout a breeze

The platform takes care of all the important aspects of the POS - from invoicing, deposits, and cash tracking to gift cards, email receipts and multiple registers. Enjoy the productivity of a computer with elegance of an iPad for signatures and tips. Connect an iPad to your computer with our patent pending, wireless signature and tip technology. Our POS software lets customers effortlessly checkout by credit card, debit card, check or cash.

How Does the Leading Tattoo Studio Software Work?

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TattooPro works by taking care of most of your heavyweight, non-artistic work -- like managing bookings, scheduling sessions, following up with customers, and more. Basically anything that keeps you away from what you and your team does best -- we will handle it for you!

TattooPro is cloud-based, meaning all of the information exists in an all-time accessible location. That means, you get to stay on top of your studio all the time!

The software is a package of all the tools you will require -- bundled into one dashboard for ease of access. With you get to:


View customers in one spot

Your dashboard indicates all of the purchases, communications, and other interactions with your customers. Simply search the history if you need to check a particular conversation, and it will be in front of you in a matter of minutes!


Simplify appointments and payments

Your dashboard indicates all of the purchases, communications, and other interactions with your customers. Simply search the history if you need to check a particular conversation, and it will be in front of you in a matter of minutes!


Market your brand the way you deserve

Build and protect your brand and online presence through automated customer feedback and online reviews. Own your local market with a sustainable system that converts happy customers into fans and advocates on top sites like Twitter, Facebook, Yelp, Google and Bing. Take it one step further with branded, high gloss gift cards to generate referrals and new business.


Get all the modules interconnected

From scheduling to CRM, marketing and advertising to POS services -- with TattooPro you get to stay efficient while seamlessly managing all of the studio operations, and that too, without any hassles! So, you do the art, while we do the managing!

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Some questions you might have...

What should I look for in a tattoo studio software?

It totally depends on your requirements, but, talking about the best-case scenario, a tattoo studio software should be able to help you manage all the important operations -- scheduling, CRM, marketing, POS -- without you having to interfere a lot. The tool should be able to easily integrate with other platforms that you use for your business. Since it's 2020, the tool should most definitely be cloud-based, so that you are able to get a bird's eye view of your tattoo studio from any place, at any time, without hassles! And, that's exactly what TattooPro is.

How do I know if I need to buy software for my tattoo studio?

If you wish to streamline your studio operation you need a system and process. You’ll want clarity and transparency into your studio artists and clients, and an organized intake process before you start your session. The right tattoo studio software can do just that. If you wish to market and advertise your studio, while keeping an eye on everything else, find a system that combines your back office operations with marketing tools. If you want to make payments a breeze, and simplify the checkout process for your customers, think no further, get it so you don't lose your customers to studios that stay organized with a software system.

Can I get a demo of TattooPro before I purchase it?

Sure, you can request a demo and we'll be happy to walk you through!

Does the tattoo studio software do digital forms?

Yes. With, you get to create digital forms. You can digitally capture consent and liability signature using any iPad or Tablet device. Simply obtain consent and provide your clients with a way to easily sign on an electronic device at your shop. You can either create custom digital forms or modify from our existing forms!

How is this different from other tattoo shop software?

TattooPro is specifically build for the Tattoo and Piercing Industry. As a result, all the features of this tool -- from scheduling to CRM, payments to marketing -- revolve around the requirements of the tattoo artists and studios who have shared their biggest pet-peeves with us. This tool is not a generic scheduling software but an all-in-one bundle that will seamlessly manage the day-to-day activities of your business