Marketing for Tattoo Shops & Piercing Studios.

Attract new clients, grow your sales, improve your online reputation and bring back old customers.

Effortless online marketing, reputation building and SEO.
Simple, holistic tattoo shop marketing is built into

Review Generation

Use TattooPro to generate customers reviews after every sale. Discretely handle negative reviews with our “direct-to-owner” messaging and seamlessly post positive reviews to social media, search engines and your website to enhance your online presence.

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Reputation Monitoring

Use TattooPro to monitor over 40 different review and search engine sites. Get notified whenever a review is posted 24x7 online about your business. Track negative reviews back to customers in your software to understand problems, and identify fake reviews so they can be removed by Yelp and Google.

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SEO & Organic Search Optimization

Use our listings and profile management to maximize your SEO exposure. Post fresh reviews to your site and search engines to optimize your online presence. Automatically push and syndicate content your business out to over 40 search engines and local review sites.

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Email Marketing & Promos

Create your own daily deal promotion for your tattoo or piercing shop. lists of customers to email and create your own daily deals (similar to Groupon) to send to clients. Sync with MailChimp or download your customer emails to use a 3rd party app.

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Facebook & Instagram Advertising

Let TattooPro create, manage and optimize your social media ads to grow your client base. We create a local audience and target segments and then A/B Test to ensure you're getting the best ROI possible. Watch your return on invest grow with low cost traffic and new appointments for your shop.

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Client Communications

TattooPro comes with a built in CRM (Customer relationship management) tools. Easily text, email and call clients all from your TattooPro app. Receive messages into one inbox.

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Connect Your Website To TattooPro

Connect your website or get a new TattooPro website from us. Push data from your software such as schedule availability, customer reviews, deal promotions, and gift cards. Pull data such as customer inquiries, leads, phone calls, and clicks after you connect your site.

Push Deals to Your Site • Show Calendar Availability • Post Customer Reviews • Pull in Online Leads • Track Calls from your Site

Sync Online Reviews to TattooPro

Create a method to the madness with TattooPro. Schedule appointments by artist or chair or BOTH! Track work and earnings by artist in nicely tabulated reports by day, week or month.

Screenshot of actual dashboard.

Integrate Your Phone with TattooPro

Get a unique phone number (or transfer an existing line) to TattooPro and we'll host it so all interactions on that line are synced with your TattooPro customer profiles. Pick a number from your local area code. All calls and texts will now funnel into your TattooPro account and customer profiles. Automated appointment reminders are also sent from this line.

Business Text Messaging • Automatic Inbound and Outbound Call Logging • Automated SMS Reminders • Call Recording (Optional)

Customer Interactions in One Spot

Did your customer purchase an online deal or gift card? Send a text to reschedule? Pay a bill online? Now you know. TattooPro becomes the hub of your business capturing and storing all of your tattoo client and piercing customers interactions in one spot. Pull up any customer with our quick search box by entering a phone number, name or email address.

Text Messages • Social Media Reviews & Purchases • Open Invoices • Emails & Marketing Campaigns

24 X 7 Secure Access

Ensure your business runs smoothly and without interruption. Your TattooPro data is in good hands. Our fully encrypted, bank level security system provides complete protection over your most sensitive and valuable asset; your information. All data is backed-up nightly and is PCI secured.


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