Make Your Tattoo Consent Forms Go Digital!


Tattooing is an extremely creative profession, and also one that requires you to have a complete understanding of all the safety measures required for your clients.

Make this process simpler with our templates of digital consent forms that you can access from your iPad or Tablet, and save you a whole lot of time.

Some of the important tattoo consent forms that you'll definitely require...

Tattoo Consent Form


Tattoo consent forms check off everything required from the client in order to ensure that they’re on-board with the idea of tattooing, and that they can’t refute this at a later stage. This also outlines all the important health and safety related concerns that your client should be aware of. Creating a tattoo consent form from scratch is difficult as it has a lot of details that you’re likely to miss. As a result, we have in-built consent forms that you can simply edit and use for your purpose and save yourself a lot of time!

Tattoo Release and Waiver Form


A tattoo release and waiver form is required to ensure that the client meets all the necessary prerequisites before getting tattooed, and that no aspect of their health is under threat in any case. Acknowledgements on this form mean that the client is ready to go ahead with the procedure and that they’ve gone through all the important checkpoints and made their decision.

Body Piercing Release Form


Body piercing release forms are for your clients who've come to you for this specific service. Like other release forms, the body piercing release forms, too, check all the important legal and safety boxes required before your client can proceed with the piercing. Again, being very extensive in nature, it’s a difficult job to put these forms into place from scratch. With TattooPro, you get it in-built!

Tattoo Consent Form for Minors


Depending on the region of your studio, the consent form for minors are required to be signed by your clients who’re lesser than the legal adult age in order to proceed with tattooing. Parental consent forms check the details of your client’s parents/guardians, and their attestation.

You have the forms. How do you use them?

Since TattooPro works seamlessly on all devices and browsers, it’ll be easy for you to get working with your forms on your tablet or iPad, or any other device.

Once your account has the digital forms product go to and log in with your business’s information. Once logged in, navigate to your Contacts screen.


Once you’re here, you can either click on your contact (if it’s a returning customer), or create a new contact by clicking “+ New Contact” on top right.

Save your contact, and you’ll be brought to the next screen:


If you have TattooPro’s digital forms added to your account, you’ll see your forms displayed in the bottom right (marked in the above image). You have two options for signing on your digital device:



Dual Screen:

If you’re on your main POS register, the forms will push to the connected SignPad tablet you use to connect receipt signatures and tips. Alternatively,



Single Screen:

If you’re logged into your software on a dedicated touch screen device, say a floating iPad or tablet just for digital form capture, the form will show on this device. Hand it to the customer for completion.

Whichever form you selected should then pop up. Let’s select the ‘release form’ for this example:


After this, the signed form will appear on your register.


Simply click "OK" and the register will process the signed document and it will appear in your contact’s activity stream.


And just like that, the digital form is completed and signed!

FAQs on Tattoo Consent Forms

1. How to Write a Tattoo Consent Form?

Writing a Tattoo Consent Form is a tricky job, especially keeping in mind that you need to create different forms for different people. You can’t use the same form for a client who has approached you for piercing, and for a minor who wants to get tattooed. There are many important checkpoints that need to be made through the consent forms. Luckily, with TattooPro, you don’t have to write the consent forms because we have them in-built for you!

2. What is the legal consent form all about?

Legal consent forms are important to ensure the safety of your client as well as your studio in case something was to go wrong. Even if nothing goes wrong, consent forms act as a good foundation point between your tattoo studio and your client that they’ve agreed for the activity, and they’ve consented to it on paper. The main aim of the tattoo consent form is to inform the individual about potential risks associated with tattoos. The document also contains tips on how to take care of the tattoo. By filling out this form a person agrees on all the information mentioned on the form. This is a good way for a tattoo artist to protect their business and professional reputation.

3. What statements should be included on a tattoo consent form?

Tattoo consent form, whether for adults or minors, should outline all the potential risks associated with the entire procedure. The forms should inform the client about anything that might happen, and should also have tips on how to take care of the skin post-tattooing. The forms also contain a checklist of the patient's medical history and other important factors.

4. What states can you get a tattoo with parental consent? / Should I get a tattoo without telling my parents?

Different states have different laws regarding tattoos. It’s recommended that you go through your state’s laws and find out what is allowed there. In many situations, if you’re a minor, you can’t get a tattoo without parental consent. In Florida, for instance, Only those licensed to practice medicine or dentistry or under supervision of these individuals can tattoo; tattooing minors requires consent from a parent. Some states don’t allow minors to get tattooed at all. Either way, the smarter way out would be to check the laws and proceed accordingly!

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