Does it matter what tattoo ink you use? 

Yes, it does. In fact, it matters just the same way the positioning of your shop puts you at either an advantage or disadvantage.

You would know it’s a huge commitment for someone to decide to ink themselves, and what’s more, no one goes into a studio hoping to battle skin diseases from the operation later on.

There are many types and brands of tattoo inks on the market. Truthfully, not all of them deliver top-notch performance. Some will fade soon, others will itch, and some do expire too more quickly before you get the chance to reach the bottom of the bottle.

Are you new to buying tattoo inks? If that’s the case, this article will set you on the right path. Let’s check out a few professionally recommended inks you can stock in your parlor.

The best tattoo inks worth adding to your arsenal

Based on our research, here are some top choices you can consider:

Kuro Sumi Tattoo Ink (the best Japanese tattoo ink)

We haven’t seen a tattoo ink ubiquitously revered and accepted in many tattoo corridors like Kuro Sumi Tattoo Ink. And it’s not just because it exudes the bold spirit of the legendary Japanese legend Kuro Sumi Tangnuni. The ability of this ink to pen uniquely long-lasting tattoos comes highly recommended as well.

As one of the top Japanese tattoo inks, Kuro Sumi contains world-class ingredients in vegan and organic forms for improved safety. This is one of the reasons why professionals resort to it time and time again, knowing there will be no post-inking customer complaints.


    • Dazzling performance
    • Skin-friendly formulas 
    • Consistently vibrant 
    • Comes highly trusted by professionals
    • Based on a bold and appealing Japanese culture


    • Possible cap problems
    • Thicker and therefore takes time to get into the skin

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Intenze Tattoo Ink (the safest choice)

Intenze Tattoo Ink is a 5-star grade professional ink backed by thousands of positive online reviews. It’s the safest choice for beginners and pros that are afraid of negative customer reviews.

Its components are entirely vegan and devoid of cruel ingredients that cause skin itching and other ink-related problems. Before you ask, yes, this ink’s work stays on long so the tattoo bearer can enjoy flaunting their piece(s) around. Furthermore, the packaging is stellar, so you don’t have to worry about shipping problems.

Intenze Tattoo Ink seems to be an excellent choice for beginners who would like to have almost all the standard colors in one go. Additionally, the price is slightly lower than Kuro Sumi, yet both produce stunning performance.


    • Has no hazardous ingredients
    • Widely trusted by professionals
    • Tamper-proof packaging
    • Fully vegan
    • Fairly priced 


    • A set of 19 bottles for more than $150 can be a steep investment for beginners.

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Millennium Moms Primary Tattoo Ink (the best affordable combo pack)

If you are a beginner, possibly on a budget, the best and safest option would be Millennium Moms Primary Tattoo Ink. It comes in a package of 7 bottles at a price that is sure to get anyone’s face lit up.

This time-tested gem packs the safest pigments with an incredible staying power that ensures your clients remain loyal to you. And unlike Kuro Sumi, its mixture flows easily, allowing artists to complete their work quickly and move to the next client.

With over 4k reviews on some online marketplaces, it’s clear Millennium Moms Ink is of high quality and meets the needs of many tattoo artists and customers.


    • It consists of pure pigments for outstanding designs
    • Positively reviewed by thousands of consumers
    • Long-lasting tattoos
    • An amazingly inexpensive combo 


    • Bulky packaging

Bloodline Professional Ink All Purpose Black (the best and boldest black tattoo ink)

Professional tattoo inks are recognized for their ability to produce bold, bright, and lasting tattoo artworks. If you are looking for the best black performance, you should try out Bloodline Professional Ink All Purpose Black.

It comes highly praised, and some say its performance rivals Moms, Black Buddha, and other widely recognized darkest inks. Besides creating deep lines, this ink is designed to apply effortlessly with short recovery periods.


    • Faster healing
    • Approved by thousands of pro tattoo artists
    • Easily blends with others to create unique compositions
    • Easy on the skin
    • vegan-friendly 


    • No serious issues to report

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Radiant Tattoo Ink 19 Color Kit Set (the best color combination kit)

Based in Los Angeles, Radiant Colors is one of the dominant tattoo ink companies with a clean reputation for supplying high-quality, vibrant color inks. One of their offers that should be appealing to both newbies and pros is the Radiant Tattoo Ink 19 Color Kit Set.

Just imagine getting a set of 19 bottles for way under $100; it’s a great deal, isn’t it? You get to start your business right away with all the distinct colors customers will ask for, from Scarlet red to Tribal Black.

What’s more, this set comes highly recommended by previous buyers. Many say that the quality is outstanding, and so is the packaging.


    • No skin issues
    • An excellent starter kit with all the primary colors
    • Solid packaging
    • Ultra-bright colors for clear tats
    • Affordable combo


    • No severe flaws to report

Drawing the curtains

There’s a thrilling number of tattoo inks on the market for sure, and the sheer number of their existence alone can befuddle both beginners and old hands artists. However, professionals most likely know what exactly to go for. So, have a pro role model you can always consult with whenever in doubt.

Otherwise, every professional is unique, and so are you. This is why we also advocate trying out new inks streaming in. This way, you can always stay on top of the game.

The best tattoo inks don’t come cheap. Most of the time, you get precisely what you pay for. Work with the best quality inks!

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FAQs on Best Tattoo Inks

Which is the best tattoo ink brand?

There are so many tattoo ink brands. However, the best brands that most professionals recommend include Intenze, World Famous, Dynamic Black, Millennium Moms, Kuro Sumi, Starbrite, Panthera Ink, Bloodline, and Radiant Colors.

What is the most popular tattoo ink?

The most popular tattoo inks are those of the best quality and last long. A few revered choices include Dynamic Black Tattoo Ink, Mom’s Black Onyx Tattoo Ink, Kuro Sumi Tattoo Ink Double Sumi Tribal Black, and Bloodline All Around.

What tattoo inks last the longest?

Black and Gray inks last the longest because they are dense and form bold-colored tattoos. However, red, yellow, pink, green, and light blue have weaker shades that result in tats fading faster.