What’s better than a good ink artist? The answer is simple-the best tattoo machines. Even a budding artist will be motivated to craft the best ink designs that keep the customers coming for more with the right equipment.

But as the technology keeps changing, the tattoo market is witnessing a mushrooming of new kits and point of sale systems. Makes one wonder – which ones are the finest?

Don’t fret. In this review, we talk about the types of tattoo machines worth investing in.

Here are the top tattoo machines and the best-in-class features

1. DragonHawk Rotary Mast Pen Tattoo Machine

There are many good reasons why DragonHawk Rotary Mast Pen Tattoo Machine pops up as a top recommendation. Let’s start with what you want to hear. This machine has awesome ratings, and the customer feedback left on various marketplaces is nothing short of heart-warming. So yes, the chances are high that it won’t suck for you.

Secondly, it’s compatible with multiple cartridge needles. That means it will be easy to get replacements and at usual costs. Being a rotary type, DragonHawk Rotary Mast Pen is silent, vibration-free, and feels light for long tattooing sessions.


  • Little to no vibrations
  • Works silently
  • High-quality motor
  • Compatible with many cartridge needles


  • No big flaws

Verdict: This pen is one of the lightest and most silent. It’s therefore ideal for those looking for a super-precise tattooing experience

2. Solong Tattoo Pen Rotary Machine

It’s a downer when a tattoo machine gets hot in the middle of the session. With a long queue of clients, that could mean lots of time wasted. The good news is, Solong Tattoo Pen Rotary Machine can handle multiple hours of buzzing without heating up.

The machine is so light you can mistake it for an ordinary pen. And because of that, this machine is also ideal for those who do lip lines, eye lines, and permanent eyebrow markup. 

To save you the trouble of purchasing other accessories, Solong Tattoo Pen Rotary Machine kit comes with 50 needles, a rechargeable battery, and a charging cable. Like other best tattoo machines, this one too is compatible with many different tattoo supplies from other brands.

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  • Compatible with supplies from other tattoo brands
  • Extremely light
  • Strong yet noiseless
  • Top-quality craftsmanship
  • Multipurpose (can do permanent eyebrows, lip, and eye lines)


  • Gladly, there are no significant flaws worth mentioning

Verdict: Solong Tattoo Pen Rotary Machine will please anyone looking for a versatile rotary tattoo machine that is compatible with supplies from many other tattoo brands.

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3. Mast Archer Wireless Tattoo Machine

Another rotary tattoo machine worth its salt is Mast Archer Wireless Tattoo Machine. Not only does it charge faster (type C charger), but it keeps power for long as well. Besides general tattooing, this beast doubles up as a shader or liner.

Courtesy of the advanced gear system, this tattoo machine works with the precision of a seasoned marksman. To put the cherry on top, it works silently and has an LCD power display that shows the remaining working time.


  • Ideal for all skin types
  • Flexible and lightweight
  • It comes with an LCD screen that indicates the remaining time
  • You can adjust the voltage


  • A tad too expensive

Verdict: Mast Archer Wireless Tattoo Machine is highly professional with adjustable voltage, a timer/voltage display, and is excellent for all skin types. In short, this machine is for the pros who love the flexibility.  

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4. Grinder Tattoo Kit by Pirate Face Tattoo

Starting a tattoo business is not only hectic but costly. It’s one reason people choose to be apprentices or work in small spaces to cut down on the costs. Grinder Tattoo Kit by Pirate Face Tattoo offers an affordable way to get up and run for those with limited budgets.

For barely $100, this kit packs practically everything you need to start a tattooing session. We are talking about several tattoo machine guns, 50 needles, power supply cables, a few bottles of good quality ink, gloves, tattoo machine grip, ink cups and a lot more. It’s a sweet deal that any beginner should not pass up.

Grinder Tattoo Kit by Pirate Face Tattoo comes with machines that can be adjusted for shading and lining. However, don’t expect too much as this is just good for starters.


  • The kit comes complete with all tattooing equipment
  • A truly affordable way to get started
  • Includes an ebook with tattooing basics for beginners


  • Lacks the versatility of high-end machines
  • A bit noisy

Verdict: Grinder Tattoo Kit by Pirate Face Tattoo is an inexpensive kit that comes fully stocked to help apprentices and beginners take off successfully.

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5. Cheyenne Hawk Pen

If you see a truly distinguished tattoo artist making a mistake, be sure it’s not out of clumsiness. Sometimes the tools they are using could be the reason for the erring. Huge and noisy tattoo machines can distract any good artist resulting in messy designs. Thankfully, Cheyenne Hawk Pen is a source of better stories.

Designed to closely resemble a pen, this tattoo machine brings to the table a decent level of precision. This German-made machine has the lowest vibrations, doesn’t heat up, and can be used for shading and lining.

There is no doubt that Cheyenne Hawk Pen is one of the best tattoo machines of our time. Unfortunately, being a recent invention, it’s not compatible with accessories from other brands.


  • Produces little to no vibrations
  • Useful for lining and shading
  • It doesn’t unintentionally roll away
  • Small and lightweight 


  • Not compatible with accessories from other brands

Verdict: Cheyenne Hawk Pen is for anyone who does sophisticated tattoo designs that demand next-level precision.

Summarizing the tattoo machines roundup!

To stand out as the go-to tattoo artist in your area, you must have the best tattoo machines. A single device will most probably not cut it. You need several in case one gets too hot.

Customer skins vary from one individual to another. Therefore, it’s best to have those machines that run smoothly on all skin types. One more thing; to streamline your entire business processes-especially marketing, payments, generating digital consent forms, consider investing in the latest tattoo shop management software that can serve as an all-in-one solution for the brand. All the best!

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FAQs on Tattoo Machines

What are the different types of tattoo machines?

Tattoo machines come in two groups; coil and rotary. Coil types happen to be cheaper despite their disturbing loud vibrations. Some heat up pretty fast. On the other hand, rotary machines are efficient, versatile, light, and with little to no vibrations. Unfortunately, they cost a lot.

Who makes the best tattoo machines?

Like other industries, the tattoo market has some big names that most artists prefer to buy from. Some widely recognized tattoo brands include Cheyenne, Workhorse, Dragonfly, Eicon, Shuba-K, Machinist, and VladBlad.

What is the difference between expensive and cheap tattoo machines?

The difference lies in the quality of the components and how they are put together. Cheap tattoo machines are put together weakly, resulting in poor inking, too much weight, and loud vibrations. Expensive ones, however, are sturdily built through resilient craftsmanship resulting in smooth operation.