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Tattoo Studio Owners: Time to ditch the pen and paper to streamline your business and grow

The first known tattoo on a human was somewhere between 3370 and 3100 B.C. (but hey, who’s keeping track?). Today’s tattoo industry is growing rapidly and is moving from multiple disconnected systems to one powerful, all-in-one, tool. Simply put, tech is taking over. Tattoo studio owners spend much of their day using pen and paper calendars, outdated filing systems, and by-hand calculations of commission reports, creating an unorganized and frustrated business process. Not to mention the amount of time wasted. Imagine spending more time scheduling, signing forms, and calculating than actually tattooing. There are things that technology will never replace. For example, can a robot complete a three-hour session? Nope! But there are many ways tech can benefit every single Tattoo studio, in fact, modern studios are starting to require it. Tattoo studio owners are starting to demand 24/7 artist scheduling access via the cloud, digital consent forms (we’ll have a full post on this later), automated text reminders to clients, daily commision reports based on percentages or fixed rates, financial reports, and of course, automated marketing (yet another post to come!)

Time is money. This means that every minute spent on an activity outside of tattooing costs money long-term. However, ignoring basic administrative tasks is a recipe for disaster for your business. This is where TattooPro comes in – North America’s leading all-in-one cloud-based software system for tattoo studios.

The Benefits of Tattoo Software for Studio Owners

Incorporating Tattoo Studio software into your business helps connect the front of your business to the back end. Simply put, Tattoo Studio software can dramatically reduce scheduling mistakes (time is money), save on lost revenue for your artists, automate your client reminder system, initiate email marketing campaigns for growth, automate commision calculations for seamless artist payouts, eliminate paper in your business (save some trees!), and most importantly grow your reputation online via automated reviews from customers post checkout. Automated reviews are the most important component of picking any Tattoo Software (we’re the only ones that do it), as reputation reigns supreme in the industry; think about it, does anyone want to go to a 4.3 star rated Tattoo artist? Hell no. Additionally, having all of your customers in one database and being able to track their activity means you can target your marketing accordingly. Feel like doing $13 Tattoo on Friday the 13th? Ah, the power of a full end-to-end software solution.

It’s crucial to stay ahead of the competition, as the industry modernizes and grows, new studios pop up daily. To stay ahead of the game, owners need a powerful software tool to act as their business partner. Are you going to be sending out reminder messages manually to a fully booked studio? Will you be requesting customers leave you a good review on Google every time they check out? Will you be able to print, file, and store thousands of consent forms for years to come? These are all crucial questions a business owner must ask themselves when choosing the right Tattoo Studio software.