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Getting Back to The Studio? Features and Strategies to Ease Your Re-Opening

It’s been a crazy year to say the least, the global pandemic has hurt the Tattoo Industry tremendously as local and state authorities have mandated the shut down of many contact related businesses. Luckily, states have begun to ease restrictions and allow businesses to re-open. While many studios re-open, many face uncertainty, and questions about best practices and procedures, and ultimately ways to succeed in this new environment.

TattooPro has multiple existing and new features to manage and ease your re-opening!

Custom Text Messages to re-book:

Prior to the closure of your studio, were your artists fully booked months out? The answer to that question is probably yes, so what do you do with all of the people that you had planned to Tattoo? Using TattooPro’s business smart number, owners and artists are able to send custom text messages to clients to get back in touch.

Cancel Appointments:

TattooPro’s scheduling tools make it simple for front of the house to void upcoming or past appointments, making your system easy to navigate for future appointments without any confusion. This feature allows your artists and front of the house to have a clear view and understanding of future appointments.

Marketing! Marketing! Marketing!

Marketing, perhaps the most important component to a successful business re-opening. Our system allows you to simply connect with mailchimp or any email provider of your liking, to create beautiful templates to send out to customers in your database. Plan a big announcement with a grand re-opening date and make sure no potential customer isn’t reached!

Digital Forms:

Our current digital consent forms make it easy and seamless to have your customers sign on a tablet. In this new era of cloroxing everything, we recommend cleaning your tablet each time a customer touches it. Luckily, with the use of a tablet you are avoiding pens, clipboards, and the movement of paper back and forth between the customer and front of the house. Our recommendation at TattooPro is to have your tablet placed in one location, where customers can simply walk up, go through the form, and sign.


Our updated reporting system gives you, the business owner even more power over your business. Let’s face it, you’ve gone months without any revenue, and you need to make the rest of 2020 count. Every customer represents value to your business, with our new reporting system you are able to track your key financial metrics down to the last penny. Make sure your studio is running as efficiently as possible!