SignPad for Tablets

Digitally Capture Consent & Liability Signatures using any iPad or Tablet Device.

Use your touch screen device to go completely paperless.
Simple signature capture and storage for consent forms, liability waivers or any custom contract you need signed prior to a session.

How it Works

Push any saved form from your computer to your customer facing touch screen device. (Typically this will also be used for your tip and receipt signatures with your TattooPro POS software.) Customer's sign your form, press confirm, and the digital signature is captured and stored in your TattooPro software, effortlessly and in the cloud.

Default Forms
Consent & Liability

Stop the filing madness with TattooPro's digital consent capture forms. Obtain consent and provide customers with a way to easily sign on a tablet at your shop. Create custom forms or modify our existing consent and liability forms.

Comply with Local, State & Federal laws

Following rules and regulations is important for your tattoo shop to avoid fines. SignPad satisfies and nicely organizes all of your liability and consent forms in one place. Easily pull up a customer in TattooPro and click to view their signed agreements with your business.

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