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Why Reputation goes hand in hand with your Marketing

The foundation to any business is your reputation, it’s as simple as that. As a consumer, would you voluntarily go to a business that had a poor reputation? (I would hope not). In this day and age, where people search and google every aspect of their daily routine, your online reputation and rating can make or break your business. Not only do ratings play a big part in most businesses, but especially in ones that have a direct relationship with a consumer. Think along the lines of a hair stylist, your doctor, or even someone who is going to be grooming your dog. Businesses that touch the most intimate portions of your life are often the most heavily googled and scrutinized based on ratings. This leads directly into why reputation means EVERYTHING in the Tattoo industry. Yes, Tattoos are permanent, yes tattoos say a lot about you, AND yes Tattoos can be very intimate. So, this begs the question why in gods name would you go to a studio, or artist that had less than stellar ratings on any major search engine (you know the search engines i’m talking about)

  • Google
  • Yelp
  • Facebook

This is where TattooPro comes in to save the day. You’re a high volume studio with a lot of walk ins, you don’t have the time at checkout to ask each customer to spend a good 10-15 minutes of their day leaving you reviews on social platforms do you? Or even if you’re a lower volume studio, asking a customer to leave a review is like asking an ex to grab coffee, it sounds nice but probably won’t happen. That’s precisely why you need a software system that automatically sends review requests to customers in their email, with a simple happy or mad face. TattooPro’s cutting edge technology actually begins to talk to your google, yelp, and facebook landing pages, allowing for direct posting from a customer e-receipt. Simply put, when a customer is happy all they need to do is click a happy face, select a star level and boom, TattooPro populates your social pages with good reviews, helping you rank higher and build social proof. It is widely known that the more reviews you have, the more traffic you are going to drive to your studio, thus resulting in more business and more money to your bottom line. The second component, being social proof also helps greatly in the Tattoo Industry. Artists spend years building their portfolios, networks, and reputation. TattooPro believes artists should be acknowledged after a job well done, as well as their studio, making the review generator a no brainer for any tattoo studio that wants to see their business grow and artists rewarded. The flip side to all of this is paid advertising, but here at TattooPro we strongly believe in being authentic, and only generating buzz around your business if it is truly deserved and earned, not by spending hundreds of dollars a month promoting your studio. TattooPro seamlessly allows artists and studios to grow their online reputation on the world’s largest social search pages directly from our award winning platform.