Want to be the most visited tattoo shop in the hood?

Even if you have been running an established tattoo studio for decades, or are about to jump into the business for the first time, marketing, advertisements, and promotions are always something you’ll need to master!

You can try your luck with Google to find the right keywords, but when it comes to tattoo studios, there are a few things to consider, which are more niche-focussed. Moreover, it’s also mostly dependent on what you want – customers from afar or local walk-ins.

Lucky for you, we’ve done your share of homework and spoken to many experienced artists to zero down on the best tattoo studio marketing strategies that work phenomenally, and yet are easy to grasp!

Soliciting reviews is a solid marketing strategy

Did you know that 88% of people look up to online ratings and reviews when choosing a local business? Monitoring and managing reviews can be a tussle without a tattoo shop marketing solution

Simply put, if you’re encouraging clients and basking in all the reviews online, you could be gaining new clients every passing day and growing your tattoo business

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Soliciting reviews will help:

New clients flock to your tattoo shop

We all know getting a tattoo is not like getting a haircut. The black artwork is permanent. A significant fraction of potential clients will want to know more about collective experiences before deciding to go to a studio. Your potential clients are looking out for a place that can deliver the art they dream of and, most importantly, an artist who can safely perform the job with the most hygienic standards and procedures.

Generate word-of-mouth recommendations

Whenever clients leave satisfied, they are more likely to share their experience with friends or coworkers, but you’d be startled to know how reviews can give rise to positive word-of-mouth even before the client has visited you.

Boost online presence

Reviews will allow more customers to find their way to your shop, simple and straightforward. How so? Getting clients to publish reviews online will rocket your rankings in search engines.

Give them discounts and more reasons to visit your shop! That will help you to increase your online presence and get your name out there!

Leverage the power of social media marketing

We all know it. Social media is a part of digital marketing – and it’s a major one. With the right social media marketing campaigns in place, you can put your work out for as many eyes to notice as possible, and also, to work with other artists interested in a particular tattooing style, be it linework or some combination.

It’s easy, begin with having your social media handles for tattooing, make sure you have a shop Facebook and Instagram page. You can display the artists who work for you by publishing their artwork, anything more you might offer, such as merchandise or after-care products, or maybe just a day in the life of a tattoo artist.

As you’re on your journey to acquire more clients through social media, keep asking your employees to keep mentioning your tattoo shop on their social handles, mention it in their bios. This might sound a bit generic, but believe us, and this simple trick happens to have its share of benefits.

Keep in mind to stay miles away from tools that promise to make your profile look ‘popular’ with thousands of followers and likes. These fake numbers might satisfy in terms of popularity but will fail to get you any clients. It will draw in people uninterested in your art, and for the most part, these aren’t real people at all. They won’t help you grow either as a tattoo artist or pay your bills. There’s zero genuine engagement.

Instead, try to work out with relevant hashtags to get in touch with your suitable audience, and if you want to dive deeper – you can try sponsored or paid ads on your social handles. This calls for tattoo shop advertising and spending a small amount of money behind your selected posts to ensure it reaches more audiences. A little spend will go a long way – it doesn’t take much investment to get your post in front of more people!

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Focus on SEO to get compounded results

Lastly, Search Engine Optimization. Here’s a quick primer to this fancy word – Search Engine Optimization is the practice of increasing the quality and quantity of traffic to your website through organic search engine results.

This practice will ensure your content and website works well for both search engines and your target audience. Feeding relevant tidbits to search engines through search engine optimization tactics can be a real game-changer.

Here are a few pointers to help you get started:

Write for humans and not robots crawling your content

Although SEO is a lot about search engines, writing for humans and not bots is something you should focus on for your website. Create valuable content that your clients would want to see.

NAP consistency is important

Your Name, Address, and Phone number should be consistent throughout every listing you have on the web. The details on your ‘Google My Business’ profile should match precisely with what’s your website, and that should be similar to what’s on your social handles, and any business directories you can list your website.

Build as many local citations as possible

Let it be any local business or area chambers of business directories that exist online; look for a way to get your tattoo studio listed on these sites. Some of these turn out to be decent backlinks.

Earn reviews and ratings

Here, good reviews are advantageous, but to be honest, good or bad – any reviews work since the numbers matter. Additionally, stay in touch with your customers. Always.

Got a bad review? Speak to them, and see if you can get the issue resolved. Who knows, they might bump up their ratings?

We promise you, blending these experienced and sought-after marketing strategies will work out well and help you effortlessly run a tattoo shop. However, your core skill set is designing and tattooing, and there’s a lot to manage if you want a steady pipeline of customers.

Here comes a tattoo shop management software, TattooPro.io, with features like booking appointments, marketing tools with customized templates, point-of-sale. Moreover, all these features are built into one wholesome software to eliminate the need of jumping around applications continually.

So, you do what you’re best at, and leave all the technical jargons to us!

FAQs: Tattoo Shop Marketing Tips

Is there a non-digital side of tattoo studio marketing?

Digital is powerful, but you can also consider the following some traditional aspects,

1. Send postcards.
2. Distribute brochures.
3. Create business cards.
4. Attend networking events like tattoo conventions.
5. Tap into your pre-existing network.
6. Create first-time offers and discounts.

Are these tactics well-suitable for freelancers as well?

Yes, all the tactics work perfectly for a freelance tattoo artist. All these are essential digital tactics for freelance as well as tattoo studio owners!

How can I measure my marketing efforts?

It would help if you were sure about which activities are drawing more profits unless you can measure them effectively. TattoPro.io has an entire section committed to analytics and detailed reports for its users. Straightforward, transparent reports on the number of returning and new clients help you understand your target audience's requirements better, and adjust your marketing efforts accordingly!

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