Getting a customer can be easy. Retaining them is a totally different ball game. One that can turn out to be an expensive affair.

Tattoo parlors are not any different from other ventures.

While there are many ways to make life easier for your customers like generating tattoo consent forms,  giving them the best tattoos ever, treating them with respect and respecting their choices, you must find a way to make your customers come back for more.

In this article, we are going to share with you some of the best tattoo shop gift card ideas for higher customer satisfaction.

Ready for the ride? Let’s get the show on the road then.

These tattoo gift ideas are worth exploring!

Here are a few tried and tested tattoo shop gift card ideas you can implement today:

Tattoo aftercare balm gift card

Not everyone knows about tattoo aftercare products. And even after advising, some clients would still be confused on what to buy or where. So, if you gift them a tattoo balm after the inking session, you’ll be surprised how something as cheap as $6 can make your customer come back. 

Why? Because they feel you care about them.

Tattoo studio gift certificates

If someone already has a tattoo, chances are high they might be inclined on getting another one. A tattoo certificate will get them to come even sooner than they’d hoped for.

Oh, hold on. You don’t have the coding or design skills needed to make a great, printable certificate? Well, that should not worry you. You can use a free or paid tattoo gift certificate template.

The gift certificate should bear an alluring offer like, say, $30 off the next visit or a 10% discount plus a free body piercing. You understand each customer well so personalize that offer to their taste.

Tattoo removal or cover-up gift card

Did one of your customers complain about a tat they have grown tired of or was poorly done and they want to get rid of it?  That client is ripe for a return to your parlor. All they are waiting for is an irresistible offer.

All you need to do is provide them with an incredible tattoo removal or cover-up offer. This should be a free service on top of the new tattoo they are coming for. 

Tattoo-themed gear and clothing gift card

Don’t let your customer leave your shop with a tattoo only. The fact that they got a tattoo tells you that they might be interested in anything with a tat. A practical move would be to hook them up with a tattoo-themed t-shirt, legging, pendant, etc.

Mugs and glasses gift card

Tattoo enthusiasts possibly have a cup or mug with various tattoo designs on them. If they don’t, they’ll be thrilled to get one from you. What’s awesome is, mugs and glasses are not expensive yet will make your customer feel special.

Don’t plaster cheesy or common designs on the mugs and glasses. Vanilla gifts are boring. Instead, have your designer print amazing designs that make those items worth holding every day.

Stainless steel “skull” coffee/tea spoons gift card

Right. Have you ever thought about that? Can you resist having a skull spoon in your home? No tattoo lover would resist that. It’s a unique gift that you don’t see every day.

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Pop sockets

Pop sockets are artful and many selfie lovers have them. However, to get your customer thrilled, you can reward them with pop sockets designed with intricate tattoos. This way, they can take selfies without worrying about losing the grip of their smartphones.

Tattoo sunscreen gift card

Many tattoo lovers find it uncomfortable when a tattoo starts to fade. That’s inevitable. However, sunscreen can keep them looking brand new. Unfortunately, not many people cover their ink works. Therefore, it would be a wonderful surprise to gift your customers with a tattoo-themed sunscreen.

Vacuum insulated bottle

Unlike ordinary water bottles, insulated ones are sweatproof, leakproof, and made from stainless steel. They have the capacity to keep water at the same temperature for a long time. Such a gift would be highly appreciated by customers who run or do outdoor activities a lot.

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Tattoo fund box

Some tattoos can be very expensive. In fact, for someone who is hoping to have a tattoo-full body like Lil Wayne, Machine Gun Kelly, and Rick Ross, this road can be extremely costly.

Do you know of such a customer? How about you gift them a tattoo-inspired fund box to save for their next ink job? We bet they will be overjoyed.

Tattoo-themed liquor flask

You definitely have a customer who likes to hit the bottle, right? While they can appreciate one for the road after a tattoo session, nothing would make them merrier than a tattoo-themed liquor flask that they can use for years to come.

Tattoo gift vouchers

You need to work with vouchers so your customers can surprise their loved ones, friends, or relatives with a gift voucher. Since the voucher is designated for your parlor, those gifted with it have no choice but show up at your place. 

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Wrapping up (the tattoo gifts)!

There are many ways to patronize your customers and make them loyal to your tattoo shop. Being friendly and professional are two must-have traits. 

We hope these tattoo shop gift card ideas will help you attain higher customer satisfaction. Use a few of these strategies and witness sufficient client retention rates. Good luck!

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FAQs on Tattoo Gift Card Ideas

What are the common free gift certificate makers online?

There are many platforms online where you can make gift certificates. stands at the top as their templates allow anyone without design skills to create one. Other places worth checking out are Jukebox print, Adobe and

Where can I get a tattoo gift card template?

Whether it is for inspiration or something to use right away, there are many places to get tattoo gift card template. You can start off at Pinterest,, Etsy, Shopify and many other choices.

What are some of the excellent gift ideas for tattoo artists?

There are some exquisite tattoo gift ideas for tattoo artists that would make them light up with joy. Most recommended options include a tattoo coloring book, vintage tattoo posters, a professional set of inks or stencils, tattoo aftercare balms and many others.