Understanding the Inked World With Tattoo Statistics

Tattoos have become an unprecedentedly extensive revolution. For most people, a tattoo is a means to earn a living, a lifestyle, or a fashion statement.

According to tattoo statistics, this 12,000 years old tradition is now a thriving $3 billion industry. Let’s dive into some intriguing tattoo statistics worth knowing.

Tattoo Statistics and Trends to Know

Here are some intriguing statistics about the tattoo industry:

48% of people in Italy have tattoos

48% of people in Italy have tattoos tattoo statistics

Italians are the biggest ink lovers globally at 48%, followed by Sweden at 47%, and The United States at 46%. Dalia Research puts forth that out of the half tattooed Italians, most of them are between 30 and 49. Interestingly, women are in the leading position.

The US has 20,000+ tattoo parlors

number of tattoo parlors in us

After Italy and Sweden, America comes third as the countries where tattoos are most common. There are more than 20,000 parlors in the US, with Las Vegas, Nevada, and Miami in Florida leading the way with 100+ shops. And, a considerable percentage of the tattoo shops use software to run their businesses.

Did you know? Miami is a tattoo hub and home to some of the best tattoo artists in the US.

Millennials are the most likely to get tattoos

millenials love tattoos

The Harris Poll indicates that 47% of millennials (between 18 and 35) sport a tattoo. 37% of them have a minimum of two, and 15% have more than five.

A small tattoo in the UK could cost you £ 130

tattoo cost in UK

The average cost of a tattoo in the UK is roughly £ 130. However, you can expect to part with £90-£150 for a tiny 2’’ x 2’’ and close to £300 for a 4’’ x 4’’ size tattoo. Large and extra-large tats can cost upwards of £700. These are simply rough estimates as tattoo prices differ based on the popularity of an artist or the design’s complexity. 

Tattoo removal services are projected to increase by 18% each year

tattoo removal projected increase

Strict regulations by firms and corporations regarding tattoo display and other personal reasons to do away with body ink have led to an upsurge in tattoo removal services. It is estimated that the tattoo removal market is growing by 18% each year. There are different tattoo consent forms available such as removal forms, liability forms which customers need to be aware of before getting tattooed or the tattoos removed. 

Tattoo industry net worth soars past $3billion

tattoo industry 3 billion growth

Daily Mail UK’s report indicated that the tattoo industry-which usually includes arts like body piercing and tattoo removal- is now worth more than $3 billion. While Italy takes the lead as the most tattooed country, the United States leads in tattoo shop numbers.  

The tattoo industry is projected to grow by 8% over the next decade

tattoo industry growth projection

For the past couple of years, the tattoo industry has seen significant growth. While tattoo removal services are projected to increase by 18% annually, the change will be at a flimsy 8% in the next ten years.

Tattoo artists in the United States earn approximately $49,520 annually

tattoo artist earnings in us

According to Compare Camp and the Bureau of Labor Statistics, tattoo artists in the US cloak an average salary of $49,520 annually. Payscale.com, a platform that collects salary info in the US, estimates $16,000 and $49,000.

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The oldest tattoo ever seen was 5,300 years old.

oldest tattoo till date

You might be thinking that tattoos started with pop culture and the internet, but they didn’t. The tattoo industry could be a thousand years old. The first evidence of a tattoo was from a 5300-year old corpse found at the Italian Australian border. 

The oldest US tattoo shop started running in 1927

oldest tattoo shop

The oldest tattoo shop in the US is Bert Grimm’s Tattoo. Located in Long Beach, California, this shop is famed for inking Pretty Boy Floyd and Bonnie Parker of the notorious Bonnie and Clyde. Bert died in 1985, but the parlor still managed to live on long after. 

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The oldest tattoo parlor in the world is presumed to be Razzouk in Jerusalem.

oldest tattoo parlor

A famous tattoo parlor in Jerusalem is 300 years old and has been handed down the family line. Antony Razzouk’s parlor is famously known for inking religious symbols and that his father once tattooed Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia. Tattoo-Ole parlor in Copenhagen comes second with roughly 200+ years in service. 

$924,000-the value of the world’s most expensive tattoo

most expensive tattoo in the world

Yes, the world’s costly tattoo is valued at a whopping $924,000. Worn by Minki Van der Westhuizen, a South African model. It’s not a traditional tattoo. Instead, it involved sticking 612 Shimansky Ideal Cut 5 carat diamonds on an intricate ink pattern using special adhesives. The tat is said to have taken a total of 8 hours to complete.

Hygiene doesn’t come first.


When looking for recommendations on a tattoo parlor, the first thing that most people consider is the artist. Tattoo shop hygiene usually comes after.

Tattoos symbolizing Nazi culture could get you in trouble

nazi tattoo

Displaying a tattoo that glorifies Nazi culture or practices in Germany, France & Slovakia could get you arrested with a potential for deportation.  

World’s most minor tattoo-friendly zones

minor tattoos oppression

Denmark, South Korea, North Korea, Turkey, UAE, Sri Lanka, Japan, and Iran are the least tattoo-friendly countries globally.

Tattoo Removal costs ten times the price of getting one

tattoo removal costs higher

On average, tattoo removal costs anywhere between $900 and $3500 and can take multiple sessions to rub it out. The removal market consists of 70% female clients and 30% men.

Revenue for the tattoo industry shrank by 9.5% in 2020

revenue growth of tattoo industry

When lockdowns took place in every part of the world in 2020, all industries, including tattoo studios took a hit. Given the nature of this service model that included customer interactions up close, ink shops too had to close down resulting in a 9.5% revenue decline from the previous years. Fast-forward to 2021, things are still a bit shaky and many tattoo shops have turned to online marketing.

About 23% of people regret one of their tattoo choices

tattoo regrets

It’s not strange bumping into people who have a change of mind about their tattoo choice. Studies show that about 23% of the tattooed population regret at least one of their tattoos. The biggest reasons put forth is that they got it while too young, it didn’t fit their current lifestyles, or was a person’s name who is no longer in their life.

35% of the tattooed population have a single tattoo

single tattoo owners

It is estimated that 35% of the inked population have only a single tattoo. Those with two or three stand at 19%. The number keeps getting smaller when those with a single tattoo either remove it or get another. In case you didn’t know, over 4.4 million Americans have 20+ tats on their bodies.

The term “tattoo” trended the most in 2012 and 2018

tattoo trends

According to search engine records, the term “tattoo” reached its highest peaks in 2012 and 2018. As of the moment, the interest in this keyword is down to 89%.

The most tattooed person in the world is from New Zealand

most tattooed

Lucky Diamond Rich takes a spot in the Guinness World Records as the man with the most tattoos in the world. Some of his body parts boast three to four layers of ink. Cumulatively, all his tattoos represent 1000+ hours of needlework. He is from New Zealand. 

A final wrap-up on the tattoo statistics!

Whether you are looking to open a tattoo shop or get inked, we hope these tattoo statistics will aid in your research and help you make an informed decision.


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