Tattoo shop owners are making terms with a never-ending catalog of responsibilities. From managing clientele to social media marketing for your tattoo shops, it can be truly exhausting to stay on top of every possible thing.

Fortunately for you, we have a plethora of great social media websites – content curation, scheduling social media management, analytics – you name it, and we’ve got it here just for you to help you stay the best in the hood!

Let’s dive right in!

#1: BuzzSumo


Truly one of its kind, BuzzSumo, will help you find the most distributed content across the web. As a result, now you can use these newly gained sights to analyze which content is more likely to perform the best. All you need to do is search any domain or topic, and you’re on your way to developing smarter content strategies.

Additionally, the website breaks results by Reddit, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook shares. So, no more monitoring multiple social media handles. BuzzSumo will make the hefty task of finding which piece of content performs well across the numerous handles – a cakewalk. 

As far as the pricing is concerned, it starts at $79 per month.

#2: Buffer Publish


If you’re looking out for a suite of branding building websites, Buffer should be your ultimate choice. It’s designed to make managing social media posts simple for tattoo studios and their marketing teams. Manage, schedule, and analyze performance all in one place. 

For instance, Buffer allows you to add your social media handles, maintain Buffer queues, and schedule your content. In addition to their website, they have both iOS and Android applications to help you maintain your social media presence whenever you’re on the go!

It’s free, and paid plans start at $15 per month.

#3: Canva

If you’re struggling with creating top-notch designs for your social media handles and cannot afford a graphic designer – Canva is the place to go. With a little learning curve, Canva helps teams deliver appealing graphics without a designer and makes up a part of a fantastic social media campaign. 

You can rely on its ready-made social media templates, illustrations, and icons to make your social media presence professional and branding consistent without you having to go through crazy design tools like Photoshop. To spice it up more, Canva supports a seamless drag-and-drop interface and a vast library of over three million graphic elements. 

It’s free, and paid plans start at $12.95 per month.

#4: Unsplash


If there’s one video and photography space that happens to be our absolute favorite is Unsplash. It’s a massive library of free high-quality professional photos you can use for your social media campaigns – for free! These photos are top-rated among social media marketers and can help deliver you a polished, professional outcome!

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#5: Native Analytics

It’d be a complete remiss if we forgot to mention native analytics for each social platform which happens to be 100% free. Let’s go over the top three – Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Facebook Analytics

Just under the insights tab on your page resides all the information you will need – how are posts doing in terms of engagement, number of likes, and followers. Not to forget, the sneaky Facebook Page to Watch lets you draw a performance comparison of your posts and posts with other similar pages. 

Instagram Analytics

Next up, Instagram Insights, roll over to the Insights tab and have a look at how frequently your audience is interacting with your content and how well are your posts performing over time. Additionally, you get to figure out where your key demographics lie at, as well as their gender and age range.

Twitter Analytics

Suppose Twitter happens to be your preferred choice of a rabbit hole. Then, Twitter Analytics can help you unveil a lot of heavy data around your audience, the engagement, and top-performing content. All you need to do is – make your way to, and gain knowledge in terms of audience and their likes!

That’s all. But before you get started, no matter where you’re in the social media marketing journey for your studio, having tattoo management software becomes a necessity. Simply because no amount of social media can help you out if there isn’t a constant review generation and robust reputation monitoring, with a huge collection of battle-tested digital consent tattoo forms, and all that comes at the moment you invest in a strong tattoo management solution!

FAQs: Social Media Website for Tattoo Artists

What are the most important social handles for a tattoo studio?

Since social media marketing for a tattoo studio revolves around sharing an artist's best works and portfolios. We’d recommend social platforms that are heavy on graphics. In that case, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook are meant to work the best for tattoo studios. You can put your work out for as many eyes to notice as possible.

What all should be a part of a tattoo studio’s social media campaign?

While many tattoo studio owners stay heavily focused on their designs and services, they often miss out on marketing their hygienic conditions and maintenance. These two factors should be actively published along with your portfolio and discount offers!

How to grow on social media?

1. Be yourself, and promote what you’re good at.
2. Stay consistent, and share your artwork religiously.
3. Don’t overthink, and compare your journey with other established accounts.