Time for everyone’s favorite subject, consent forms (no but seriously, this is important). Let’s face it, nobody really likes printing forms off, wasting money on ink, having them signed and returned and finally figuring out where to store them, do they?

When picking an app, or system for digital forms, there are plenty of factors that come into play. First, how cost effective is it? Second, do I pay per usage? Meaning, do I really need to pay a small fee every time a customer uses a digital form? (yes, there are indeed companies out there that do that). Third, if the forms are digital where are they stored? What is this cloud thing? Does the customer still need to fill in their info? What about attaching an image of the ID on to the form? So many questions, ahhh!

Relax, we’re here to help and answer all of your questions pertaining to digital consent forms for your tattoo studio. To start, let’s go over the basics, tattoo studios are required by law to have each individual customer sign a consent form, or sometimes called a release of liability form. This is simply regulation in the industry that protects the consumer as well as the artist. These forms are generally printed out by the studio and handed over to the customer prior to their tattoo. Once signed, the forms are then filed away by the studio for record keeping and for state regulators during inspection, laws often vary state to state. The pain and hassle of printing these forms, wasting money on ink, and filing can all get a bit cumbersome. That’s where digital forms come into play. Digital forms are simple, convenient, cost effective and frankly the future of the industry.

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TattooPro leads the industry in digital forms for a variety of reasons, the first being cost. Our forms do not require a fee per usage or any maintenance fees, you simply pay a one time coding fee (usually less than the price of a small tattoo), and you have them permanently coded onto any tablet of your liking (we like our iPads over here at TattooPro). Second, our forms automatically pre-populate the name of the customer on to the form, meaning the customer does not need to waste time filling out their basic info, we got you covered. Third, our technology lets you scan an actual ID directly on to your forms, meaning no more photo copies, pictures, or writing down ID #’s by hand, we got you covered again! Finally, our forms can be used at the same time, on as many tablets as you like. For example, let’s say you’re a busy studio in a touristy area of town, three people walk in for a tattoo, all three can use your forms at the same time, provided you have three tablets! No problemo!

Finally, let’s cover some of the “techy” aspects of making your studio more modern. Each customer will have their own profile, think of it as a big database. When a customer’s release form is complete, the form automatically saves to their profile via the cloud (should we write a blog post about the cloud?), as well as being saved directly on to your computer for your records. Simply put, it gets saved in two different secure places for your records. The benefit of having everything in the cloud is quite obvious, saves time, paper, money, and also having iPads displayed around your studio is pretty damn neat. For more info on our digital forms check us out here.