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Kickstart 2020 with powerful Tattoo Studio Software

Okay it’s the new year, and you know what that means: Clients are thinking of new tattoos and planning their 2020 pieces. With the recent passing of Kobe Bryant and Nipsey Hussle, commemorative pieces have unfortunately become the top trending theme in the industry this year. Let’s hope there are no more events of that nature for the rest of the year!

Now, with all the appointment requests, phone calls, texts, IG DM’s, filing of consent forms, things can start to get disorganized very, very quickly. Clients start to get frustrated when they can’t get a consultation or appointment scheduled , and that happens to be the most common reason for lost business, especially for studios with high volume. Lost business means lost revenue, which means less money in your artists pockets and yours, nobody wins in this situation.

This year, we want you to not only organize, but grow your book of business, and reach new customers. So how do you make this happen? By getting the best Tattoo Studio Software for your business. Read on to learn why you need it, what it does, and where you can get it!

The Power of Cycle Marketing and Reaching New Customers

Okay so the term sounds fancy, but really it’s simple. A customer walks in, gets a tattoo, checks out at the front, gives you their credit card or cash, and you simply thank them and give them a quick fist bump on a job well done. But what happens next is the power of Cycle Marketing. That customer, who just left your shop with a big smile, is going to get a very simple e-receipt directly to their email. They are going to have the opportunity to leave you a very quick review, positive, or negative. Assuming everything went well, Cycle Marketing will actually take that positive review, and automatically post it to your Google page, Yelp page, and Facebook page. Let me repeat that again, our system will automatically post that positive review directly from the e-receipt to your social media pages. No longer do you need to ask a customer to take 15 minutes of their precious time to leave you a review manually, TattooPro does the work for you.

Why Reputation Management is Everything in the Tattoo Industry

Cycle Marketing ties directly into what we call reputation management, essentially growing, monitoring, and making sure your online reputation stays squeaky clean. Lets face it, the Tattoo game is built on reputation; nobody is going to an artist with poor reviews, let alone lack of reviews. Our marketing system grows your reputation organically, and lets you shine as an artist and let’s you focus on your craft. Let our Tattoo Studio Software do the heavy lifting for you.

Ready To Upgrade Your Tattoo Studio for 2020 and Beyond?

So, where can you find this beautiful software to transform, organize, and grow your studio? That’s where we come in! Our easy to use software, comes with a full training manual, youtube videos, your very own account manager based in the United States, a chat support bot available 8am EST – 8pm EST, and more. So, it’s no wonder that more than 500 studios across the country trust TattooPro to run their business smoothly.

Spend some time talking to your artists, your key decision makers, and reach out to us if you have any questions or if you would like a live demo over the computer (sit back, have a beer and enjoy).

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