Tattoos aren’t just for rebels, not anymore. According to a MarketResearch survey done in 2018, the global tattoo industry was projected to have brought in $3 billion per year. That means a massive opportunity for any tattoo artist to intensify and accelerate their business.

Nevertheless, to lay the foundation with this huge audience calls for a need to master the know-how of the industry as you continue the quest to grow your tattoo business and get more clients.

So, here’s a roundup of hacks to effectively  fuel your appointments.

Grow your tattoo business with branding

branding gets more clients

[Photo by Jeff Sheldon on Unsplash]

Never belittle the value of marketing with the branding iron; it entices and engages the type of clients you would want to cater to. For instance, a simple logo comprising roses and ornamental birds is a green light for all the Instagram savvy audience with their infinity signs and floral tattoos. In contrast, your plausible tough-biker audience might go elsewhere for their blazing red-hot Metallica and skull tattoos!

So, as one can conclude, it all boils down to pinning down to your target audience and priming your brand to their likes and preferences. Also, keep in mind that your visual and digital identification represents the themes and style you practice exclusively.

Portfolio, portfolio, and one last time: portfolio!

When we spoke to our customers, they revealed that the biggest mistake they made in their early career was to build a portfolio just like every other bloke! Yes, in contrast to the traditional way, your portfolio shouldn’t be composed of just samples of tattoos. Instead, your collection should feature your abilities and skills as an artist while showcasing your potential outlook as a tattoo artist.

We’ve made it easier to build your reputation with our tattoo studio software solution. Let us do the heavy lifting for you!

Boost your online presence

Once you’re done with the hard work and have shaken hands with your portfolio, next up is your online presence. It’s essential to have an e-portfolio, and I’m sure many of you’re up there already. Displaying your designs on your website, sharing your work on social media – Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Quora, Reddit, Snapchat, TikTok, and Medium. But if you didn’t, don’t you move a muscle!

It’s time to break-free yet another popular notion; there’s no need for you to be available on every social platform. As you ideate tattoo studio marketing strategies, it’s better to pay attention to being consistent on either one or two – mostly Instagram and Facebook.

Your designs are yours ONLY!

Keep your friends close and your watermarks closer. Yes, those half-transparent signatures are for anyone who would want to trace the author of your designs. It will help you to promote your tattoo studio, and most importantly, yourself as an artist.

Never lose hold of them. No matter what.

Make your way to tattoo conventions

tattoo conventions

You might be wondering why chase tattoo convention when you are craving more clients? Well, here comes our series of reasons:

Strong relations with fellow tattooists never go unrewarded

For instance, you can always refer your buddies to clients who are looking for a particular theme, style, or expertise. If they return the favor, that will lead to fruitful results – you’ve to remember, and keep reminding yourself that our industry is heavy on recommendations.

You can connect with new clients

And always have your chairs occupied. The clients you meet at conventions are the ones looking for artists with a creative head such as yourself. Conventions are goldmines!

Bump into the media

If everything goes right, you could network with tattoo media publishers who may want to feature your work, earning you publicity and the respect you deserve!

PS: We would love to give you a shoutout 😉

Bear in mind: your work is a walking billboard

When you’re a tattoo artist, your work speaks for itself. So, make use of various opportunities that come your way and have your designs serve as a walking billboard. Here’s what you can do:

Nurture your relationship with your clients

Do not twist and whirl your clients in and out of your studio; take time to speak, build connections, and get to know their likes and dislikes about tattoos, art, and much more.

Pull off fascinating, compelling, alluring work

Your clients are more likely to show off, recommend, and talk about your work if you give them some swag art. Keep pushing yourself to be better to keep your clients flowing in.

Keep hunting for referrals, and give generous referral discounts

There’s no need for you to be shy! Go out, and ask your clients for recommendations. Also, extend them a discount offer on their next tattoo visit, or any suitable incentive for helping you get more clients find your studio.

Befriend your marketing statistics!

What isn’t measured isn’t improved. You need to be sure about which activities are drawing more profits unless you can measure them effectively.

We have developed a tattoo shop marketing software that generates detailed reports and monitors your reputation. A bird’s eye view on the number of returning and new clients help you understand your target audience’s requirements better, and adjust your marketing efforts accordingly!

We both know it – your work is fantastic.

It’s about time more people hear about it. Create your online image, manage your portfolio, nurture those connections, and befriend your statistics will help you get the clientele you need!


How useful are word-of-mouth recommendations?

One word: Highly. Word-of-recommendations are the most effective solution to this very question. So, don’t be afraid and bask in all the impressive reviews and ratings. Also, stay focused on your loyalty programs. Moreover, you can run loyalty programs using, and reward clients who brought their friends along with a substantial amount of incentives.

Can a social media page help me reach out to people who are interested in my services?

Yes, it can be handy. However, keeping your page relevant and professional is essential - say no to spam. Similarly, mastering the art of adding the right hashtags works wonders because people often browse pictures added under specific hashtags.

What are the additional services I can offer to increase my clientele?

With an exponential increase in people getting tattoos, there's also an exponential increase in the number of people who end up regretting their decision! This addition of customers who later reconsider this decision can quickly build an entire business around tattoo removal. This industry is growing at the same speed as the tattooing industry itself.

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