Being a tattoo artist calls in for a lot more than the quintessential duo – an ink and a needle! Yes, we’re talking about years of grub work (sometimes, even without pay), and an absolute dedication to your art.

You know it better than us!

Now, is a free tattoo shop management software the optimal solution?

There’s still a lesser-known fact that anyone hardly chooses to discuss in our tatted up world – how hard it is to break into the business.

Customer database, marketing, online reputation, generating reviews, CRM, cultivating lasting connections with guests between appointments – told you, A LOT more than just our quintessential duo.

Well, if you’re looking for a way out in the era of lithium-ion powered things, there’s a solution, and that is a completely developed tattoo shop software. It’s your one-stop solution for all your worries. It’s your Mr. Fixit to drive you through these complexities!

But how much can a free tattoo software handle? Let’s find out!

Pros of Free Tattoo Studio Management Software

Run SMS campaigns, and eliminate no-shows!

For the uninitiated, a free tattoo studio management software can store your customer data, it’s notification system lends you a hand to keep up with emails and SMS to help you stay informed with upcoming bookings, pending payments.

In a nutshell, it eliminates the chances of no shows and helps you chase the customers trying to burn a hole in your pockets.

Carve out space in a crowded market.

Further, it allows you to monitor your marketing efforts, and that in return helps you carve the best business strategies, and figure out what’s working for you (and what’s not) – a seamless business and customer-centric way to secure future business.

You can draw meaningful insights into your performance in the form of analytics and reports. It doesn’t stop there, right after analyzing your reports, squeal and jump right into outlining the goals to strengthen your base!

And believe us, there are countless tattoo studio marketing strategies known for providing impeccable perks – feedback system, loyalty points, coupon management, gift cards – to name a few.

Conquer the next competitive battleground – customer experience.


Well, customers are the foundation of every idea, argument, or process for every business, and the same stands true for ours. Simply put, they can break or grow your tattoo business.

With tattoo studio management software, you get to plan consultations to understand if they’re pleased with your services or not, and in case, they aren’t, you get the chance to turn that around!

Here’s what you can do – you can review their purchasing history, get a good grasp over what pleases them, and which services they avail the most. This information can be a true game-changer, you can improve your selling patterns, and amplify your customer experience rates.

In addition, you can always provide them with offers and discounts to woo them, and make them stay with you for long!

Compensate your employees more smartly.

Yes! If you aren’t a solo artist, you can use a tattoo studio management software to manage your employees with just a few taps, and you’re good to go!

The software helps you manage employees for operations, and this largely eliminates your manual labor. Besides, you can get in-depth information about their performance. You can figure out their salaries, release them, and can compensate based on their performance. Make your employees feel like being a tattoo artist was the best decision they made!

Automate customer records!

This is, by far, the most tedious task we as tattoo artists need to take care of – customer records, but with a tattoo software, this is nothing less than a cakewalk.

The software enables you to design your own templates. It helps you build new records, and update the existing ones. Also, it keeps your information secure, private, and well updated.

A free tattoo management software is the best deal you can grab for a more streamlined operation for your studio – you get to provide excellent customer experience, save a lot of time, simplify customer forms, engage with more customers, and guesstimate performance. Yet, pretty much like every other software, it has its own share of drawbacks.

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Cons of Free Tattoo Software

Now, here’s the twist.

What if we told you that everything you read can never be found in an ideal software.

Moreover, there’s always a learning curve for all of us with any brand new software. It’ll take a while for you to find your feet and slip-ups are bound to happen. No false promises here – it can be costly because it will draw manpower away from the core tasks.

Robust customer support, a solid knowledge base, and FAQs may help but any publisher that develops free software may not go to the extent to produce all that material. You’ll have to put in your own share of time, energy, and a series of hits and trials as you translate the reports and analytics to churn out the best possible result to nurture your client base and figure out stuff on your own.

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The perks when the tattoo studio management software is in place, however, will outweigh the initial learning curve and productivity costs.

There is absolutely no point wandering around waiting for the magic to happen. Luckily for you, TattooPro is a full-blown solution that trumps all other software variants (free or paid).

If you want to take this software for a spin and what it offers in terms of boosting customers, reducing manpower, making that revenue flywheel spin, and running a tattoo shop like a pro, let’s talk!

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FAQs: Free Tattoo Software

Does TattooPro offer a free download?

TattooPro is one of the only tattoo software providers to offer complimentary and personalized set-up of your software, with the import of your clients, staff, and products. We know you might want to get acclimated to the system before proceeding with an investment in new software and as such we give you a free 14-day trial to get comfortable.

I have an existing customer database, what do I do?

If you have your customer records electronically stored we can easily import them for you. Once you create your account, your setup specialist will reach out and ensure a smooth transition.

Do I need any hardware to check out customers?

Nope! We are BYOH (bring your own hardware). We simply provide an encrypted card reader for security purposes and that’s all you need. Some businesses also want a receipt printer, barcode scanner or cash drawer.

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