Miami is one of the most heavily tatted-up cities globally, and just don’t take our word for it, refer back to a show aired in 2005 named Miami Ink. You’ll gather all the necessary evidence you need to notice how Miami is killing the tat game out there! 

Without further ado, if you’re an artist looking out for some inspiration, or an art lover trying to find out which place to get inked at, or even a fine beginner trying to seek out a site with immense expertise to calm down those jitters — this one is for you – a roundup of the best tattoo artists in Miami!

1. Cornerstone Tattoos

cornerstone tattoos best tattoo artists in miami


You can find this undercover tattoo gem right at the border of the Coconut Groves along US-1. Cornerstone is, undoubtedly, way more than your go-to tattoo studio. It’s a collective of famous artists whose designs are well-known for being featured in posters and prints forms.

Consider Cornerstone, as one of those tattoo studios that crushes the intimidation barrier by establishing a good trust with the artist first, and then gaming up with the tattoo. If their five-star doesn’t sell this tattoo studio for you, just skim through their Instagram handle, and see how hardcore their following is.

2. Tatt ‘Em Up Tattoo and Piercings

Tatt Em Up Tattoo and Piercings


If the thought of tribal and traditional excites you, bookmark Tatt ‘Em Up right away. You can walk-in any moment you feel like and talk shop with any of their artists. Stop by Tatt ‘Em up, and clear your doubts, turn your dream tattoo design into a collaboration, or select one from the many designs they have at their stores. However, they might not be one of the fine trendy places you have on your list, but their customer service intertwined with the traditional style is the kind of stuff that will want in your forever piece.

3. Divergent Ink

divergent ink


Divergent Ink and 1920’s whiskey parlor vibe go hand-in-hand. If you are a sucker for a definite speakeasy vibe, Divergent Ink is your tattoo studio. It’s an, what you can call, an industrial-shake-hands-with-Victorian lounge. It’s a swanky studio with Miami’s best Inkster. You will meet Guille Chaviano, the Divergent Ink owner, who can legit do anything with his tattoo gun. From simple silhouette to colorful brushstrokes — you name it, and it will be done with great finesse. So, if you are the one seeking some profound ink experience, head to the border of MiMo and Little Haiti for your next tattoo visit, and you won’t regret it!

4. Ocho Placas

ocho placas

Ocho Placas! Name one list that speaks about the top tattoo studio in Miami and doesn’t mention Ocho Placas, and we take immense pride in tagging Ocho Placas, our personal favorite. The studio serves the classic neo-traditional and American vibes to its clientele. An affordable tattoo studio yet extremely loyal to its quality, art, and customer service, the studio has always remained under the radar for its talented and the best tattoo studio in Miami. In this studio, each of the tattoo artists brings a unique style to the tattoo table with a more extraordinary experience, passion, and vibrancy under their belt.

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5. Iris Tattoo

iris tattoo

Contrary to the popular style of a dark and cramped parlor loaded with design-stacked posters and walls, Iris Tattoo studio is full of light and space and the unmissable honey wood tones. Each of their tattoo artists, mostly females, are listed as the most emerging skilled in Miami. Consider Karry Ka-Ying Poong (@poonkaros), whose intricate designs and attention to detail are a cut above the rest!

Running a tattoo studio is no joke but these folks have shown us how it’s done.These were some of our favorites out there,  covering the American, neo-traditional, tribal, and victorian designs in Miami.

These tattoo studios receive lotta new clients and appointments regularly, even during the pandemic and the people behind have certainly worked their way up to the top with careers as a tattoo artist . Have you wondered how these tattoo studios keep up with their designs, quality, and customer services, nailing their marketing strategies, and admin stuff.

Well, your answer lies in experimenting with a robust tattoo shop software  for artists and studios. A lending hand that lets you do what you are best at – the designs, building lasting relationships with your clients, and leaving the rest on a tattoo scheduling software so you don’t miss any meetings and we know you’ll not regret your decision, not even for a second!

FAQs: Scheduling a Session with the Best Tattoo Artists in Miami

How difficult is it to get bookings at the tattoo studio in Miami?

The pandemic calls in a lot of issues when it comes to bookings, and walk-ins are scraped off from the tattoo studio’s dictionary. So, if you are planning to book an appointment with any of the above-mentioned studios, make a call and book an appointment, till the pandemic cools down. You can easily find the contact on their website or just slide into their DMs!

Is it safe to book appointments around these uncertain times?

Absolutely, yes. The tattoo industry always stays very close to the sanitization and cleanliness protocols. If you are scrambling to figure out if it’s safe enough, take our answer, and go for it. Just book your appointment in advance, sport the right mask, and rest assured the tattoo studio will take every measure that’s necessary.

Can I take personal design requests to these tattoo studios?

Yes, feel free to take up personal requests to the artist, and such requests might take a while to illustrate the best possible designs, but all the mentioned artists will put in all the expertise under their belt to craft the best possible collaborations!

Featured Image by Eugene Chystiakov